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Family tree of Leo Leland Hanson(1917-1989); father of: Dwayne Leo, Keith Vincent Sharron Leila, Joyce Patricia; grandfather of: the children of Jack McElmeel and Sharron Hanson McElmeel -- Michael John, Deborah Lea, Thomas John, Steven John, Matthew John, and Suzanne Lea. Great-grandfather of: Michael Joseph, Jade Marie (children of Michael John), and Aubrey Michelle (daughter of Thomas John), Elmer JosephKylie Lynn, Kaydence Paige, and Marissa Leila (children of Steven (and Christina Johnson) McElmeel).

Hanson Family Tree

Leo Leland Hanson's birth certificate lists his family name as "Hansen" which is accurate. He began using the "son" spelling sometime in his early teenage years and continued to use it the rest of his life. Consequentially all his children's birth certificates list "Hanson" as their birth name. Leo Leland often used his confirmation name as a middle name and thus was also listed as "Leo Joseph Hanson" on some records.

8. Peter Hansen (?)
16. John Hansen
17. Catherine Lorange

4. Matthias Hansen (1839)

9. Marie Bechius (?)
18. John Bechius
19. Catherine Homes

2. Peter Hansen (1879)

10. Michael Portz (1792)
20. Michael Portz
21. Anna Marie Kenn

5. Catherine Portz (1845)

11. Margaret Johanns (1799)
22. Mathias Johanns
23. Anna Marie Schmit
1. Leo Leland Hanson (1917-1998)

12. Alexander Crim (?)
24. ___________ Crim
25. ________________

6. Arthur Crim (1861)

13. Miranda Miller (?)
26. __________Miller
27. ________________

3. Carrie Crim (1888)

14. Clemet Oeschger* (?)
28. ___________ Oeschger
29. ________________

7. Frances "Fannie" Oeschger (1864)

15. Kathrina Galleon (sp?) (1836)
30. ___________ Galleon
31. ________________

*The Oeschger family name (#14) was/is pronounced "esker." In recent generations some family members have changed the spelling of their name to "Esker."

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